“Unconditional, that’s what you are…”

Woohoo, yippee and yeeha!! Received an unconditional offer from Leeds this morning.  So in less than 48 hours I have applied to them and received an unconditional offer back.  Fantastic!! I emailed Manchester (Biosciences Postgrad department) to ask what was happening to my application, their reply: "Thank you for your enquiry. Your application has been … Continue reading “Unconditional, that’s what you are…”

So…my first post was very nearly my last. Hmmm!

A lot has happened since my very first post.  For starters, I decided to apply for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine MSc with the Medical Humanities pathway at the University of Manchester.  In fact, I submitted said application only yesterday, so while I am anxiously waiting to hear from them, as to whether … Continue reading So…my first post was very nearly my last. Hmmm!