The End Is Nigh…

…well apart from a 4,000 word essay for the end of May and a 15,000 word dissertation to be handed in at the beginning of September.  But I’m currently sat in my favourite Caffè Nero spot in the Laidlaw in Leeds having my last breakfast before what is about to be the final taught seminar of my masters.

So this is a really brief blog post to mark the event – I can’t believe that I’m at the end of my taught sessions – where does the time go? I’m not at the stage just yet of thinking I’ll miss it all as I’ve still got a fair few trips to do to Leeds, for more skills library sessions and meetings with my supervisor etc etc. And who knows I may even continue the studying next year?

Of course the last seminar was an early start instead of the usual 4pm afternoon session so I set off at stupid o’clock to get there for my 9am seminar.  But the M62 was rammed as usual and it was also raining so I took my life in my hands again driving over Saddleworth, dodging past the HGVs who were trying to outdo each other by seeing who could inch slightly ahead of the other at 50mph.  That I won’t miss.  

Looking fresh as a…tulip

The campus was looking lovely and fresh after the rain and the last seminar was in the Baines Wing, which has doors which open automatically on approach. They’re really really old and wooden and I always get the feeling that they’re magically opening just for me and that I’m going into the hall at Hogwarts and I even tried to get some video this time but there were a few students going through as well and I didn’t think they’d take kindly to being videoed and they were ruining my shot anyway so I decided to just take a quick pic of outside.

I’m currently procrastinating by writing this blog post instead of starting my next essay which is about the death of Diana and collective grief. I’m a master at essay avoidance as detailed in this blog post here which shows how I usually take ages to write an essay. But I’ve got a while yet so I’ll crack on with that over the weekend…hopefully. I’ve currently got a new obsession with looking at interior decor pics on Instagram, researching 1001 different shades of green paint colours when I should be researching grief.  Oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️

This is very true

I’d just like to go completely off topic now and give a shout out to my sister Paula who (quite rightly) pointed out at the weekend that she’s the only member of my family who hasn’t had a mention in my blog at least once, so Paula hello 👋 and thank you for all the times that you’ve sent me a lovely supportive text after you’ve read my blog, it really is very much appreciated. 


So this blog post didn’t turn out to be as brief as I thought it would.  Oh well, back to Instagram my essay.



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