“Unconditional, that’s what you are…”

Woohoo, yippee and yeeha!! Received an unconditional offer from Leeds this morning.  So in less than 48 hours I have applied to them and received an unconditional offer back.  Fantastic!!


I emailed Manchester (Biosciences Postgrad department) to ask what was happening to my application, their reply:

“Thank you for your enquiry. Your application has been passed onto the programme director for consideration. I’ll chase him up for a decision.”

Hmmmmm.  Not very impressed.  The Programme Director initially blamed the long wait for an official response on the postgraduate department and now it seems they are blaming him in return.  This is not earning Manchester any brownie points with me, not at all.

So it took Leeds approximately 48 hours to do what so far it’s taking Manchester 2 months plus to do.  And I’ve still not received an offer one way or the other yet from them…hopefully it’ll come over the next week, till then I’ll be mulling over which course I really want to do regardless of location etc etc.

So…happy days, it’s really exciting, and just a bit scary.  But what would life be without pushing the boundaries and going beyond our comfort zones?

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