An 11th hour change of mind?

So, whilst waiting for official confirmation from the University of Manchester that I’d been accepted and after having received provisional confirmation from the Programme Director, I thought I’d revisit the course at the University of Leeds by going through it with a fine toothcomb .

We (Mike, I & the pups) had paid a visit to the Leeds campus back in September, mainly to get the general feel of the place, together with finding out how long it would take to get there along the M62.  I can’t really remember anything earth shattering about the journey which made me decide against Leeds, but I think what happened was that afterwards I looked into the Manchester course more thoroughly and decided that was the one for me, coupled mainly with the fact that it was much nearer.

But I was getting a bit fed up with waiting on Manchester.  I knew I’d got a place (albeit unofficially) but I don’t do patience well, so in the meantime I sent an email to Dr Laura King, the programme manager for the History of Health, Medicine and Society MA at Leeds,  enquiring about the course and asking if she would be free sometime to see me to find out a bit more about the course.  I’d already met with the people at both Manchester and York, so this will be a good balance.  She replied very quickly and we agreed to meet up on Monday 16th Jan at 11am at her office in the Parkinson Building.

I managed to rope Mike into coming with me so that my fear of car parks and finding somewhere to park wouldn’t be in the forefront of my mind and we set out on a very rainy day up the M62.  Of course I wouldn’t be me without timing everything, so for those interested, here’s how long everything took.

  • Left – 9.30
  • Arrived Leeds car park – 10.36 (yes every minute matters)
  • Left car park to walk to Parkinson Building – 10.45
  • Arrived Parkinson Building – 10.55

Interesting eh?!!

Anyway, apart from some bad traffic on the M62, it was fine and although we had to park on the very top of the car park which made me a bit nervous for future parking, we made it in good time and I went straight up to Laura’s office.

And she was lovely.  And I’m so excited because the medieval word was mentioned.  And I’ve realised it’s definitely the course for me, what with being in the School of History and all that.  Perfect.  Oh apart from the small matter of the drive there and back (and parking), but I’m sure with putting my musical theatre playlist on, or a bit of Dave (Foos) then the time will pass very quickly.

I know you’re probably thinking…but please tell us how long it took to get home!!  Really, you are?  Somehow I doubt that, but it took precisely 45 minutes.  So not too bad.  And on the walk to/from the campus there’s both a Costa AND a Caffe Nero so it’s all good.

Here’s a couple of images from the day, firstly the iconic Parkinson Building, secondly Mike beaming excitedly outside the School of Mathematics (he didn’t really want to pose for a pic but I am always up for a Snapchat opportunity) and me by a sign proving I was there.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to apply for Leeds and I emailed Laura and told her that and her response was ‘wonderful!’.  That’s so nice to hear and it’s nice to be wanted.  I’ll be applying over the next few days and will wait with bated breath as usual to see if I’ve been accepted, which she virtually said I would be.

But it’s sooooo exciting!  And I’m so glad I relooked at Leeds at virtually the 11th hour.

Eee by gum!!!

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