Well hello and welcome 2017

Christmas and the New Year celebrations are well and truly over so this afternoon was spent on making a start on the OU section of the blog.  However, I have come to realise that writing a blog isn’t just a matter of writing one word and then another and then another…..but sorting, organising and generally getting everything ready before one word is written.

So I decided to firstly collect all my bits and pieces from the OU modules together and tackle them module by module.  In order to do this I had to bring all the relevant bits together and I’ve got some lovely brown cardboard boxes which I buy each year from Paperchase which I use to put all the materials in for each of the modules, before sadly packing them away (to be fair there’s more of a “yee bloody ha”about it and less of the sadness) but I realised that I didn’t do this for the early modules, Y160 and AZX103.  So instead of writing I spent most of the afternoon in the attic room trying to find the relevant course books which of course provided quite difficult to find.  But find them I did (thanks Mike) and set about organising them into nice piles.


Of course sorting books always means finding other books and instead of having them all scattered around the attic room, it now means paying a trip to Ikea on Wednesday (again, thanks Mike!) to buy a bookcase in which to put them all in, in my office.

So I’m really excited about writing the blog, just going through all the Y160 module bits and pieces was really great, seeing where I started in November 2007 and realising just how far I’ve come since then.  I’m looking forward to the trip down memory lane, both with all the things I’d like to remember and the ones I’d prefer to forget too!

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